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How To

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies


Step 1

Register for free

Register quick and easy your mobile phone number and verify yourself with IDnow.

Step 2

Find an ATM

There are 4158 ATMs in our database. Use our search function to find an ATM near you.

Step 3

Buy or sell Cryptocurrencies

Buy with cash, credit card or debit card – the easiest way to buy or sell crypto coins.

Operators, Manufacturers and Cryptos

The Crypto-ATM Market

The top manufacturers are Genesis Coin and General Bytes. Together they have a market share of about 50% worldwide. In Germany and France the first crypto-ATMs will be installed by spot9. These are purchased from General Bytes and distributed in cooperation with Sutor Bank. The top currencies are Bitcoin and Litecoin, followed by Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.


How does a spot9 ATM work?

  1. User verifies himself on the ATM with his mobile phone and spot9 searches the sanctions list using his AML-provider
  2. spot9 confirms customer identification or the negative result of the sanctions list
  3. User initiates the purchase process, transmits his VC-Wallet address
  4. spot9-ATM makes a request to the Crypto-AML-Service-Provider
  5. Crypto-AML returns the Risk Score to spot9
  6. spot9 allows the transaction to continue or prohibits the VC-Wallet address
  7. The user enters the cash, confirms the transaction and receives a receipt of the transaction (the user cannot cancel the transaction)
  8. spot9-ATM processes the request and sends it to the Exchange
  9. Exchange executes the desired transaction and sends the VC to the specified VC-Wallet address
  10. Exchange confirms customer transaction to spot9

Do you provide a receipt?

Yes, a receipt is printed out of the ATM immediately after the transaction is completed. You will get a receipt via email too, and you will have an overview of all your receipts in your spot9 account.

What is the minimum and maximum Amount of Crypto Coins I can buy?

The minimum amount is 20 Euro. The maximum amount is 2.500 Euro.

How many different ways can I buy and sell cryptocurrency with spot9?

At the moment, our ATMs only accept cash, but we are actively working on accepting ACH payments and debit/credit cards.

Do I need a mobile phone number to sell my Bitcoin or altcoins?

Yes, because without phone you won´t be able to identify yourself.

I didn’t receive my Crypto Coins. What can I do?

The transaction can take up to 30 minutes. If you didn’t get the Cryptocoins please contact our Support at atm@spot9.com.